New ‘High Visibility Enforcement Operations’ Throughout Palm Beach County Intended to Increase Cyclists’ Safety

In a much-needed move for improving cyclists’ safety while enjoying their time on the roadways, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is reportedly targeting particularly busy and dangerous intersections within the county in a safety plan dubbed “High Visibility Enforcement Operations.”  The intersection at Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard is a prime example of the type of heavily-traveled area being [...]

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Bill Bone Pro Am Race Series 2018 Summer Update

The Bill Bone Pro-Am Series—sponsored by Bill Bone—had an exciting first half of the season. This series is central to the sport of competitive cycling in Florida and throughout the Southeast, and we’re proud to be the principal sponsor. Currently, we’re on a brief summer break to stay out of the heat, massage our aching calves, and catch our collective [...]

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SkyBike Review – Top 5 Things You Need To Know (2018)

Maybe you live in downtown West Palm Beach. Maybe you work here. Or, let’s say you’re visiting for a winter weekend, a business trip, or the entire winter season. Whatever brings you here, you have got to try SkyBike, the city’s awesome rent-a-bike program. Hopefully, this Skybike review will help you out. It’s nothing like the traditional bike rental shops [...]

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Chris Froome Accused of Doping

If you’re into bike racing—and we at Bill Bone Bike Law are really into it—you know Chris Froome. He’s not only this decade’s phenom cyclist, winning four Tour de France races (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017) as well as the Vuelta a España (2017), but he’s a marvel to watch even on screen if you never get to see him in [...]

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SMART Ride 2018 Cycles from Miami to Key West

Bill Bone Bike Law sponsored SMART Ride 2018, two days of cycling through picture-perfect South Florida winter weather-all to raise money for organizations that serve people who have or are at risk for AIDS/HIV and their families, friends, and affected communities. SMART Ride is extraordinary. In the 15 years since its inception, it has become the second largest AIDS fundraiser [...]

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Most Dangerous Places for Cyclists to Ride

Cycling in America is, unfortunately, not the safest amongst healthy activities. While the popularity of cycling has continued to soar, this popularity growth has occurred in spite of the fact that, generally speaking, this nation is not a safe place to ride. There are certainly exceptions to this generalizations, some cities offer a number of safety precautions that make riding [...]

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Making Group Rides Safe for All

For most cyclists, group rides are an inevitable part of both competitive and recreational riding. Whether it’s a social family outing group ride to the ice cream shop or a 25-mile training sprint with a group of competitive cyclists, there are certain rules of the road that must be followed. Group rides, especially in Florida, get a lot of backlash. [...]

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Top 7 Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

When we discuss the many health benefits linked to cycling, almost every article highlights the physical advantages of riding a bicycle. While the physical health benefits are certainly noteworthy and abundant, it is important to recognize the fact that cycling is really great for your brain too. The mental and psychological benefits of cycling are legitimate yet incredibly under-publicized. In [...]

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Muscle Groups Targeted and Used While Cycling

Regular cyclists understand the power that cycling has on transforming the body. From both a speed and strength perspective, cycling builds the muscular structure while targeting cardiovascular endurance. Cycling tones and works many muscles in the body. While the primary muscles targeted are certainly the lower body muscles, the arm muscles as well the as the core also get in [...]

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Pros and Cons of Biking to Work

As bicycle proponents, it is often difficult to take a step back and view the topic of bicycle accidents and bicycle safety from an unbiased perspective. However, the truth of the matter is that cycling is dangerous sport and biking to work comes with many potential hazards. Countless theories and studies exist to both support and oppose the benefits of [...]

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