The Menace for Florida Cyclists The Solution Is Hiding in Plain Sight: Why Uninsured Motorist Coverage Is Essential for Cyclists

The Menace for Florida Cyclists - The Solution Is Hiding in Plain Sight: Why Uninsured Motorist Coverage Is Essential for Cyclists It’s easy to see why Florida is a cycling paradise with its year-round sunshine and breathtaking natural beauty. But what’s not apparent to most cyclists is the hidden danger lurking in plain sight on the Sunshine State’s highways and byways [...]

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Lower Back Pain in Cyclists: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Cycling is a fun and exciting low-impact cardiovascular activity that is enjoyed by tens of millions of Americans. However, despite the low-impact nature of cycling, it can still lead to a variety of muscle injuries.  Lower back pain is one of the most common. Lower back pain can range from mild discomfort to severe pain that can make it impossible to ride.  [...]

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One of the Most Common Muscle Injuries Among Bicyclists: Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (“PFPS”)

For millions of people around the world, bicycling is a popular form of exercise, recreation, competition, and transportation that offers many health benefits. However, it also poses a risk of injury, and muscle injuries are a common occurrence among bicyclists. One of the most common muscle injuries for bicyclists is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (“PFPS”), which is also known as “cyclist’s [...]

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Most Common Types of Bicycling Injuries

Millions of people across the world enjoy bicycling as a form of recreation, competitive sport, fitness routine, and mode of transportation. Although there are many benefits of cycling, it also comes with a certain level of risk. Injuries can occur as a result of accidents and crashes, as well as from overuse and improper technique. Whether you’re a casual [...]

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Cycling Infrastructure Big Winner of 2022 Midterm Elections

Cyclists were the real winners of the Midterm Elections on November 8, 2022. Voters across America approved $3.6 billion in funding for local bicycle infrastructure projects, according to PeopleForBikes, which tracked voting for the projects and helped raise community awareness among voters through its VoteForBikes campaign. Election night victories were the culmination of PeopleForBikes’ intensive 2022 campaign, which resulted in [...]

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Bill Bone Recognized as Palm Beach Illustrated Top Lawyers for 2022

Bill Bone has once again been recognized in the practice area of Personal Injury Litigation by Palm Beach Illustrated magazine as a “Top Lawyer” for 2022. This year’s announcement of the “Top Lawyer” list appears in the September issue. Bill Bone has the added distinction of being profiled on page 104. According to Palm Beach Illustrated, it profiles “the [...]

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Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. James B. Carr Facebook Livestream on Cycling Injury Prevention Tips

Dr. James Carr of Hospital for Special Surgery Florida is offering insights on the most common overuse injuries in cyclists, providing tips for injury prevention, and discussing the signs that indicate it might be time to see a doctor. Share this post Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on print Share on email

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Bill Bone 2020 Tropical Triathlon a Success With Help of Lake Worth High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC

The sport of cycling is immensely popular around the world.  It’s been around for well over a century.  It officially began on May 31, 1868, near Paris with a 1,312-yard race to the entrance of Saint-Cloud Park.  An 18-year-old Englishman named James Moore won that first race.  Ten years later, the first recorded race in the United States was [...]

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