2020 Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon

The Bill Bone 2020 Tropical Triathlon was held in Lake Worth Beach on Sunday, October 25, 2020.  Due to COVID-19 considerations, this year’s event marked the first time it was held locally, and despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, it was a resounding success.

John Reback won the Elite Men’s division and was the overall men’s winner with a time of 59:20.1.  Other men’s division winners were Patrick Cannan (80 and over), Marty Frezza (75-79), Jerry Mandello (70-74), Larry Perlberg (65-69), Peter Boncelet (60-64), Paul Paglino (55-59), Tim Richardson (50-54), Christopher Gworek (45-49), Daniel Delepiani (40-44), Joao Victor de Oliveira Terceiro (35-39), Brian Ruscher (30-34), Patrick Oroho (25-29), Tyler Dunn (20-24), and Alexandre Chevalier (15-19). 

Eileen Merken won the women’s 55-59 division and was the overall women’s winner with a time of 1:11:42.0.  Other women’s division winners were Marth Schanel (70-74), Laura Perlberg (65-69), Terri Geiman (60-64), Eileen Merken (55-59), Shelley Flowers (50-54), Rocio Arnold (45-49), Mary Galbicka (40-44), Alicia Fabiani (35-39), Olivia Higley (15-19), and B. Chodos (14 and under).

Finally, the remaining division winners were Michelle Yates (Athena 50 up), Richard Murphy (Clydesdale 49U), and Mat Gibson (Clydesdale 50 up).  Full results can be viewed here.

The Lake Worth Air Force Junior ROTC members played a vital role in the success of the event as well. The quote from the Trojan Times reveals how helpful they were. 

“I went to Atlantic High School and was in their AFJROTC program. We were truly envious of Lake Worth’s AFJROTC program,” Mr. Bone tells The Trojan Times. “I never realized that we would depend so much on the students of Lake Worth keeping us safe on the streets. Another great thing that the Cadets do is cheer-us-on to lift our spirits. I love the Lake Worth High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC!”


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