Cyclists who conduct their training indoors often speak about the mundane nature of riding and riding and getting nowhere. In fact, many cyclists claim that they avoid indoor training because it becomes almost mind-numbing and tiresome; runners often make similar claims about treadmills. Officially licensed, ProForm’s Le Tour de France training bike aims to target serious cyclists who prefer to train indoors. In Florida, training indoors is often the only option. From unpredictable thunderstorms to the perilous roads throughout the state, many cyclists find it more convenient to ride inside and must deal with the boring indoor rides. Le Tour de France stationary training bike takes a once tedious ride and makes it wildly entertaining, and lifelike to boot.

The video below gives us an extensive review of the most notable benefits when riding on the ProForm Tour de France stationary bike:

The bike is now offered in a number of different versions, so depending on budget and cycling goals it may make sense to save a buck or spring for the Tour de France Centennial priced at $1,999.00. The benefits of these stationary bikes are clear from the moment you jump on. Cyclists who are using the bike now note that the following features are worth mentioning:

  • Wi-Fi access with iFit technology enables the ability to design your own training program or choose from built in options
  • Create up to a 20 percent incline and decline – Google Terrain helps to simulate the true feeling of the path you are riding along
  • Using Google Maps, the bike allows for the plotting of routes literally anywhere in the world – with factoring in the real elevation to offer an incredibly realistic experience
  • Change your gear in order to adjust your effort and pace
  • Option to mount an iPad onto the bike where Google Street View offers the most lifelike visualizations for each ride
  • Intelligent Wind Resistance is another feature to make the experience feel real
  • Handlebars have gear shifting in newer models
  • The Power Meter shows both rpm and watts

As the “official” training bike of the Tour de France, is the choice of many cyclists who prefer to train indoors. A real road experience is difficult to come by while riding inside. The ProForm Tour de France stationary bike is groundbreaking in the use and integration of training programs and technology. Would you purchase the Tour de France stationary? Please share your opinions below.