Aerobars can be a cyclist’s best friend when used correctly. They allow for a fast and smooth ride that match perfectly with a triathlon or time trial. Unfortunately, riders often insist on using aerobars during group rides, despite of the mounds of evidence proving the dangers involved in doing so. While there is no “cycling law” against the use of aerobars during group rides, any cyclist with common sense knows that it is a bad idea. Joining a group ride with aerobars is a scary, dangerous thing to do and some cyclist are too stubborn to change their ways. Sadly, those cyclists who insist on riding in group rides with their aerobars end up learning the lesson the hard way, in a bike crash.

The irony about riders who are adamant about using aerobars on group rides is that the primary use of this equipment is aerodynamics. However, group rides are so beneficial because of the aerodynamics that the riders themselves provide. The two most dangerous aspects of aerobars are:

  1. Stability is lacking
  2. Hands are far away from the brakes

When combined, these two aspects create a scary situation for all of those involved in the group ride. Take a look at the two videos below for perfect examples regarding just how dangerous aerobars in group rides can be:

This quick example shows that even a slight error is difficult to correct when riding in a group with aerobars. Next, take a look at this video where the rider crashes going 34 mph. Again, group rides and aerobars do not mix well.

What is your opinion about people in your group rides who choose to use aerobars? Do you feel at risk with them in your cycling crew? Share your opinions below.