The Bill Bone Pro-Am Series—sponsored by Bill Bone—had an exciting first half of the season. This series is central to the sport of competitive cycling in Florida and throughout the Southeast, and we’re proud to be the principal sponsor. Currently, we’re on a brief summer break to stay out of the heat, massage our aching calves, and catch our collective breath!

Reviewing the Pro 1-3 category so far:

Gainesville’s super-competitive Swamp Classic, on February 3 and 4, started with the Swamp Road Race. Leading in the Pro 1-3 category was David Guttenplan with an outstanding time of 2:37:56.00 and 48 points for the 65-mile race. But Xavier Alonso was right up there with him, also finishing with a time of 2:37:56.00 and 47 points. At third, fourth, and fifth were Michael Hernandez, Travis Iles, and Justin Pfaff. Hernandez, Pfaff, and Mike Ferreiro placed first, second, and third in the Criterium.

On March 11 and 12, Polk County’s Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic saw Justin Pfaff finish first. Allison Anjos and Ferreiro finished second and third. Pfaff, Perezluha, and Darren Dowling took the first three spots in the Criterium.

In April, the Bill Bone Pro-Am Series made its next stop on its statewide tour in Tampa for the Sunshine Grand Prix, where Perezluha led the pack in the Friday Criterium but was nearly caught by Declan Irvine and Emile Abraham. The Criterium saw first, second, and third taken by Akil Cambell, Pfaff, and Perezluha. Winning the Road Race was Guttenplan, followed by Michael Lambert, and Irvine. Cambell, Perezluha, and Irvine took first, second, and third in the O mnium, rounding out the weekend in the Pro 1-3 category.

The final excitement before the summer break was the Gadsden County Stage Race, Steven Reker Memorial, Tallahassee, June 2 and 3. Pfaff won the Criterium, but was followed closely by Rolly Weaver and Derek Birch. The Road Race went to Owen Shott, followed by Rolly Weaver and James Thompson.

Halfway through the cycling season, the following cyclists lead in the Pro 1-3 category of the Bill Bone Pro-Am Series:

(1) Justin Pfaff, 310 points

(2) Steven Perezluha, 235 points

(3) Jacob Burbach, 222 points

(4) Rolly Weaver, 216 points

(5) David Guttenplan, 165 points

Heading into the next half of the season, these are clearly the ones to watch.

Women’s races were equally hard fought, with a select group of superb athletes winning the top positions in each category:

In the Swamp Classic’s women’s events, Emma Cavendish won in the Women’s 1-2 category Road Race, and Jeanine Seeger completed the Criterium with no challenger. Gabriella Dixon took first in the Women’s 3 category Road Race, and Cavendish was first in the Criterium. Carolyn Maddox finished in front in the Women’s 4-5 category Road Race, and Samantha Morrison was victorious in the Criterium.

At March’s Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic, Seeger took first in the Women’s 1-2 category in both the Road Race and the Criterium. Cavendish dropped to second in both but edged out Seeger in the Stage Race. Simone Berger won the Women’s 3 category Road Race and Stage Race, and Gabriela Dixon took the Women’s 3 Criterium. Emily Curley led both the Women’s 4-5 Road Race and Criterium.

Then, at the Sunshine Grand Prix, Seeger again proved hard to catch, taking first in the Women’s 1-3 category Friday Criterium, Road Race, and Omnium, while Erika Sosa won the Criterium. In the Women’s 4-5 category, Connie Clement swept all three races. At the Gadsden County Stage Race, Stephanie Smith breezed through to win the Criterium and the Road Race in the Women’s 1-3 category.

Halfway through the series, these cyclists lead each category:

Women’s 1-2: Jeanine Seger

Women’s 3: Gabriela Dixon

Women’s 4-5: Connie Clement

Keep your eyes on them during the remainder of the Bill Bone Pro-Am Series.

Kudos to these men, who now lead the other categories. We’ll be seeing lots more of them in the coming months:

Category 3: David Wright

Category 4: Paul Fitzpatrick

Category 5: Carlos Chacon

Masters’ 35+: Ken Vida

Masters’ 45+: Kirk Corsello

Masters’ 55+: Brian Brown

The Bill Bone Pro-Am Series includes races for all levels of male and female athletes, including amateur cyclists, hand-cyclists, and juniors. Congratulations to these outstanding competitors who pedaled hard to get to the front:

At the Swamp Classic, Tim de Vries (H5), Krige Schabort (H4), Charles Moreau (H3), Gerald Cuzick (Paralyzed Veterans Racing, H2), Sara Calvo (HWomen), and Adam Allen (Paralyzed Veterans of America Racing, recumbent) took first place in their respective categories in the handcycles Road Race. Brian Muscarella (H2), Moreau, Ryan Pinney (H4), and de Vries were the leaders in the handcycles Criterium.

Chain of Lakes junior competitors Ashley Davis, Adrian Guarniere, and Julien Toussi all performed impressively in the Junior 13-14 category. Toussi and Davis cycled again at the Sunshine Grand Prix and were joined in junior categories by Corban, Caleb, and C.J. Burford, Mallory Bryan, Johnny Rhodes Delbridge, Amelia Hicks, Lucas Judycki, Lilly McLeod, Aiden Roeder, and Sophie Zents. Emilie Toussi joined older sibling Julien as well as Davis to compete at the Gadsden County Stage Race. All the junior competitors show remarkable early dedication and promise to become outstanding adult cyclists.

Coming this Fall…the second half of the Bill Bone Pro-Am Series. You can still register or make plans to visit as a spectator.

September 9, Pinellas Park Circuit Race, Tampa. Registration is still open!

September 15-16, Pensacola Cycling Classic, Pensacola. Registration is open for this $12,000 cycling classic!

October 6-7, Real Campione D’ Clermont, Clermont. Registration not yet open.