Bicycle Buying Guide for Beginners – Road Bicycles

The popularity of cycling is growing with thousands of people taking up the sport for the first time on a daily basis, so we thought it would be helpful for new riders and those thinking about buying a new bicycle to provide some practical buying tips. The good news is that the number of available models and options are at [...]

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Bicycle Buying Guide for Beginners Part 2: Mountain Bicycles

Introduction Mountain bikes (“MTB”) are designed for off-road cycling on unpaved terrain, including dirt, rocks, sand, and gravel. They are purpose-built for handling difficult riding environments containing steep grades, streams, vertical drop-offs, and miscellaneous obstacles. Some design elements of MTB that address the rigors of off-road cycling include a suspension, large knobby tires, rugged wheels, powerful disc brakes, and low [...]

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Case Study: Drivers vs Cyclists in Florida

Over the last several years, cycling accidents accounted for 2 percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States, and Florida ranked first for the most pedal cyclist fatalities, according to reports from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The negative trend in bicycle accident deaths and injuries begs many questions, most notably: what do drivers think about cyclists on the roads [...]

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