West Palm Beach Cyclist’s Guide

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Thank you for joining us, West Palm Beach cyclists! Here at Bill Bone Bike Law, we take pride in our ability to provide a place for all Florida cyclists to learn, engage, and unite in our effort to raise bicycle safety awareness. Making West Palm Beach a safer place to ride requires a joint effort from the South Florida cycling community. As we work together to improve bike lane presence, boost awareness, and reduce the number of bike accidents in West Palm Beach, we hope that this resource center will serve as an excellent tool for all West Palm Beach cyclists. Our hope is that West Palm Beach cyclists will regularly check this page for the following information:

West Palm Beach Bike Lane Locator
West Palm Beach Routes & Parks
West Palm Beach Bicycle Laws
West Palm Beach Bicycle News

The West Palm Beach cycling community has continued to expand over the last several years. Whether riders choose to get on a bike for exercise, pleasure, or training, establishing a united front is imperative to keeping all West Palm Beach cyclists safe from harm. At Bill Bone Bike Law, we believe that an educated cyclist is a safe cyclist and work diligently to keep our followers in the know at all times. Please take a moment to review each section below and make your rides in West Palm Beach as safe as possible!

With our main office located in West West Palm Beach, FL, the staff at Bill Bone Bike Law is always available for questions, concerns, and any inquiries regarding bicycle laws, bike safety, and cycling in general. A West Palm Beach bike accident lawyer is prepared to answer your questions right away. Give us a call at 800-300-4074 or simply complete a contact form.

West Palm Beach Bike Lane Locator

Cyclists navigating the roads of West Palm Beach will notice that bike lanes are largely present in some areas while incredible scarce in others. Not only does this create a dangerous situation for cyclists, but also a dangerous situation for drivers. When it comes to traveling in West Palm Beach, cyclists are given the same rights and responsibilities as their motor vehicle operator counterparts. Therefore, cyclists are held accountable for remaining in the bike lane and following the rules of the road. We hope to play a role in expanding the amount of bike lanes throughout West Palm Beach.

Below you will find a map of the bike lanes in West Palm Beach as distinguished by the markings. Please take a moment to review the exact locations of these bike lanes in order to plan your next cycling outing safely and effectively.

Do you know of additional bike lanes that are not marked above? We would love to hear from you! Please send any additional information by completing this form. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries while riding in a bike lane, one of our West Palm Beach bike accident attorneys are available to discuss your legal options right away.

West Palm Beach Routes & Parks

From Dyer County Park to the Singer Island Trail, West Palm Beach cyclists have a number of opportunities to get out there and ride in a safe, controlled atmosphere. From competitive riding to a casual ride along the beaches, West Palm Beach offers cyclists of all kinds a unique chance to enjoy beautiful scenery while getting a bit of exercise. It is important for cyclists to add variety to their rides as this gives opens the doors for new cyclist friends with the same interests.

Below we describe some of the best bike routes throughout West Palm Beach, fantastic group ride information, and resource center for parks with areas to ride your bike. Please visit Florida Bicycle Association’s page on path and trail safety here.

For an interactive map while planning your trip, please take a look at this fantastic tool provided by Bike Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach Popular Bike Routes

Learning and sharing the most popular bike routes in West Palm Beach is great way for riders to join together and have fun. Using a route that a fellow rider has found both challenging and successful is an excellent way to add diversity to your normal rides. As we continue to discover new and exciting routes we will share them on this page. Please feel free to add to our list if you identify any new safe routes in West Palm Beach. Here are a few places that will help you to define a bike route that works for you:

Interested in some of the most popular routes in West Palm Beach? Take a look at the West Palm Beach Trail Guide or mapmyride.com for more information.

West Palm Beach Group Ride Information

Getting connected to a group ride or cycling team is an awesome way for fellow cyclists to join together, exercise, and bond. There is quite a variety of cycling teams and groups in West Palm Beach, so please let us know if we’ve missed any. The following are great resources for group ride information:

A1A Riders

Bill Bone Racing Team

Cycle Science

South Florida Recumbent Riders

On Your Mark Athletic Club

Pro Cycles

Be sure to inquire about the specific mileage and speed of these rides, as they vary significantly based upon age and cycling experience. In addition, for safety tips about group rides, please take a look at the information provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

West Palm Beach Public Parks

Public parks in West Palm Beach offer a great way for cyclists to enjoy their ride in a different capacity. Delivering both a challenge and gorgeous scenery, riding in a public park is an excellent way to bring the family together, ride with friends, and take advantage of a safe place to cycle. Here are some of the most popular parks with areas to cycle in West Palm Beach:

Dyer Park

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park

Okeeheelee Park

Palm Beach Lake Trail

Santaluces Athletic and Aquatic Complex

Singer Island Trail

Riverbend Park

West Palm Beach Bicycle Laws

As a West Palm Beach cyclist, having a solid knowledge base regarding the rules and regulations of bicycling in Florida is vital. Cyclists are given the same duties as drivers in the event of a bike accident and will be treated in such a way in the courtroom. Please take a few moments to review the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

For more information regarding a specific case, please contact one of our West Palm Beach bike accident lawyers at your earliest convenience.

West Palm Beach Bicycle News

At Bill Bone Bike Law, we like to keep our Florida cyclists in the loop with all things cycling. As we continue to unite the cycling community of South Florida, West Palm Beach cyclists must remain up-to-date about all things West Palm Beach cycling. An informed cyclist is a safe cyclist, so please continue to check this section of the West Palm Beach cycling resource center for news updates, accident reports, and much, much more!