Bill Bone Takes Action to Make Florida Roads Safer for Cyclists!

Bill Bone Bike Law strives to make the roads a safer place for cyclists to ride each and every day. Recently, we discovered that a road construction site was causing serious problems for cyclists. As shown in the image below, the uneven and potholed road was a safety hazard for cyclists traveling in the area.

IMG_2008 (1)

As such, we investigated and found out who was responsible for the construction, contacted them, and asked them to repair the site. Today, the road is repaired, level, and pothole-free, as shown in the image below.

IMG_2018 (3) (1)

The cycling advocates at Bill Bone Bike Law take our role in the South Florida community very seriously. We believe that we can achieve great things with a little help and support from our local cycling community. As we continue in our efforts to make South Florida a safe place for cyclists, we work hard to give a voice to all of those traveling on two wheels.

Road defects cause bicycle accidents all too often in the state of Florida. Combining thin tires with relative unpredictability makes cyclists a prime target for riding injuries where road construction is present. When the surface of the road changes abruptly, even the most experienced of cyclists may lose control of their bicycle and either fall or veer into the pathway of a nearby vehicle. These hazards are entirely preventable if the public agency that maintains the roadway is diligent in keeping the roads smooth and safe.

Have you seen any road construction or potholes around popular places to ride in South Florida? As cycling advocates, Bill Bone Bike Law would love to know about these issues in order to make a positive change. Contact us today with any information.

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Bill Bone is passionate about cycling as a sport and hobby. He is the title sponsor of the Bill Bone Pro-AM, the Bill Bone 5K, and a number of other cycling events. He has combined his skills as a personal injury lawyer with the desire to help cyclists get the legal help they deserve in South Florida.

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