Lake Worth Cyclist’s Guide

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Lake Worth Map of Bicycle Accidents

Thank you for joining us, Lake Worth cyclists! As we raise our efforts to unite the Lake Worth community in our pursuit of making South Florida a safer place to ride, we are excited for you to cycle along for the journey. Bill Bone Bike Law has built a space where Lake Worth cyclists can come to learn, share, and unite to make the roads as safe as possible. Serving as a resource center for all things cycling in Lake Worth, we hope to play a role in raising awareness regarding bicycle safety while offering a place for education and advocacy to thrive. Please check our Lake Worth cycling page regularly for updates concerning:

Lake Worth Bike Lane Locator
Lake Worth Routes & Parks
Lake Worth Bicycle Laws
Lake Worth Bicycle News

With picturesque routes and beautiful weather, Lake Worth is a prime location for bicycling riding. Whether cyclists are riding for fun, training, or exercise, safety is always the largest concern amongst Lake Worth riders. We believe that an educated cyclist is a safe cyclist and therefore work diligently to provide important information for all Florida riders. Please feel free to browse each section below for useful resources and more.

As always, the staff at Bill Bone Bike Law is available for questions, concerns, and any inquiries regarding bicycle laws, bike safety, and cycling in general. A Lake Worth bike accident lawyer is prepared to answer your questions right away. Give us a call at 800-300-4074 or simply complete a contact form.

Lake Worth Bike Lane Locator

The City of Lake Worth has taken special notice of the vast needs for improvements and additions of bike lanes, bike paths, and bike racks. Working in conjunction with the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) as well as Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., the City of Lake work is in the process of continuing the Bicycle Network Plan. The city hopes to not only provide better accommodations to current cyclists, but to also encourage cycling increases throughout the region. At Bill Bone Bike Law our hope to work fluidly with the Bicycle Network Plan initiatives to make Lake Worth a safer place for cycling.

Below you will find a map of Lake Worth’s bike lanes as distinguished by the markings. Please take a moment to review the exact locations of these bike lanes in order to plan your next cycling outing safely and effectively.

Do you know of additional bike lanes that are not marked above? We would love to hear from you! Please send any additional information by completing this form. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries while riding in a bike lane, one of our Lake Worth bike accident attorneys are available to discuss your legal options right away.

Lake Worth Routes & Parks

From riding along Lake Worth Beach to traversing the bike lanes of Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth cyclists deserve to ride with the comfort that safety precaution is taken throughout the city. Avid cyclists commonly prefer to diversify their rides from finding new, challenging routes to discovering fun parks to ride with their families. In general, finding new routes and parks to ride on is an excellent way to meet new cyclists and companions.

Below we describe some of Lake Worth’s best bike routes throughout the city, useful group ride information, and resource center for parks with areas to ride your bike. Please visit Florida Bicycle Association’s page on path and trail safety here.

For an interactive map while planning your trip, please take a look at this fantastic tool provided by BiKE Palm Beach.

Lake Worth Popular Bike Routes

Many cyclists love to share newly discovered bike routes with one another. Lake Worth is full of untapped secrets where cyclists are able to enjoy the scenery is a safe atmosphere. Please help us to build our list by letting us know about the bike routes that you personally use in Lake Worth. Here are a few places that will help you to define a bike route that works for you:

Interested in some of the most popular routes in Lake Worth? Take a look at for more information.

Want to create your own route safely? Check out for a great tool.

Lake Worth Group Ride Information

Being on a cycling team is an incredible way to meet people with the same interests, push yourself to better riding times, and get to know more cyclists in the Lake Worth area. There are quite a few cycling groups in Lake Worth, so please help us add to our list. The following are great resources for group ride information:

Lake Worth Bicycle

South Florida Recumbent Riders

Team Lake Worth

Try a Tri – Palm Beach

Be sure to inquire about the specific mileage and speed of these rides, as they vary significantly based upon age and cycling experience. In addition, for safety tips about group rides, please take a look at the information provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

Lake Worth Public Parks

Beyond creating new bicycle routes for you and your fellow cyclist friends, taking a ride in a public park is a great way to change up the pace or invite family members to join in on the fun. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to vary your regular ride, but it is a safe place where vehicles are not present. Here are some of the most popular parks with areas to cycle in Lake Worth:

Affron Park

John Prince Bike Trail

Lake Worth West Park

Lake Worth Bicycle Laws

Understanding the rules and regulations cycling in Lake Worth is imperative. First and foremost, cyclists must understand that bicycles are vehicles and they are treated as such in the court of law. Please take a few moments to review the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

For more information regarding a specific case, please contact one of our Lake Worth bike accident lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Lake Worth Bicycle News

Keeping an eye on cycling news in Lake Worth is important for riders to remain informed and safe while riding. Through projects such as the Bicycle Network Plan, there are constantly changes and additions that directly affect the state of Lake Worth’s cycling community. As these issues are given more and more attention, we hope to see a reduction in bicycle crashes throughout the city. Please continue to check this portion of the Lake Worth page to learn more about new cycling information, accident updates, and much, much more!