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Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Accident Resource Guide

Welcome Fort Lauderdale cyclists! At Bill Bone Bike Law, we are providing a place where cyclists throughout the Fort Lauderdale community can come together to learn, share, and make the South Florida roads a safer place to ride. When it comes to cycling in Fort Lauderdale, it can be intimidating to strap on a helmet and ride without really digging in to find more information. From a safety perspective, we encourage all Fort Lauderdale cyclists to regularly check this page for information regarding:

Fort Lauderdale Bike Lane Locator
Fort Lauderdale Routes & Parks
Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Laws
Fort Lauderdale Bicycle News

One of the greatest challenges that the bicycling community in Fort Lauderdale must overcome is the ability to safely ride, whether for pleasure, exercise, or training. As a general rule, an informed cyclist is a safe cyclist. Please take a moment to review each section below and make your rides as safe as possible!

As always, the staff at Bill Bone Bike Law is available for questions, concerns, and any inquiries regarding bicycle laws, bike safety, and cycling in general. A Fort Lauderdale bike accident lawyer is prepared to answer your questions right away. Give us a call at 800-300-4074 or simply complete a contact form.

Fort Lauderdale Bike Lane Locator

Bike Lane Map of Fort Lauderdale

Click for a larger version

Cyclists riding in Fort Lauderdale’s bike lanes are given all of the rights and duties of a driver of any type of vehicle. Staying in these bike lanes is important for both the cyclists and the drivers on the roadways. As more and more cyclists utilize these bike lanes, the hope is for a greater awareness of cyclists as well as an increase in the number of bike lanes in Fort Lauderdale.

Below you will find a map of Fort Lauderdale’s bike lanes as distinguished by the markings. Please take a moment to review the exact locations of these bike lanes in order to plan your next cycling outing safely and effectively.

Do you know of additional bike lanes that are not marked above? We would love to hear from you! Please send any additional information by completing this form. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries while riding in a bike lane, one of our Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorneys are available to discuss your legal options right away.

Fort Lauderdale Routes & Parks

Whether you are enjoying a scenic ride along Fort Lauderdale’s beaches or a competitive ride in Brian Piccolo Park’s velodrome, there are a ton of untapped cycling secrets throughout Fort Lauderdale. As a cyclist, diversifying your rides is not only fun and exciting it gives the rider an opportunity to meet new cyclists and friends.

Brian Piccolo Park’s velodromeBelow we describe some of Fort Lauderdale’s best bike routes throughout the city, fantastic group ride information, and resource center for parks with areas to ride your bike. Please visit the Florida Bicycle Association’s page on path and trail safety here.

For an interactive map while planning your trip, please take a look at this fantastic tool provided by Bike Broward.

Fort Lauderdale Popular Bike Routes

Getting to know some of the popular bike routes in Fort Lauderdale is important to most cyclists. We would love to hear more about your personal bike routes, so please share as you discover new, safe routes in Fort Lauderdale. Here are a few places that will help you to define a bike route that works for you:

Interested in some of the most popular routes in Fort Lauderdale? Take a look at or for more information.

Image of Map My Ride's Fort Lauderdale Cycling Trails

Want to create your own route safely? Check out for a great tool.

Looking to try bike sharing? Find out more about Broward B-cycle here and view their PDF map of all the bike sharing stations they have in Broward county.


Fort Lauderdale Group Ride Information

Joining a team or group to regularly ride with is an excellent way to meet cyclists with similar interests who live in your area. There are quite a few cycling groups in Fort Lauderdale, so please help us add to our list. The following are great resources for group ride information:

Broward Bicycle Meetup

Trek Fort Lauderdale Group Rides

Trek Sunrise Group Rides

Florida Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts

South Broward Wheelers

Delray Beach Bike Club

Lee’s Bicycle Shop Group Ride

Mike’s Ride Weekday/Weekend

Downtown Bicycles Ride

Team Memorial

Be sure to inquire about the specific mileage and speed of these rides, as they vary significantly based up age and cycling experience. In addition, for safety tips about group rides, please take a look at the information provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

Fort Lauderdale Public Parks

Cyclists in Fort Lauderdale have the luxury of diversifying their rides with the growing number of bike lanes, city routes, and public parks. Here are some of the most popular parks with areas to cycle in Fort Lauderdale:

Brian Piccolo Park

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Oleta River State Park

Markham Park

Quiet Waters Park

Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Laws

Understanding the rules and regulations cycling in Fort Lauderdale is imperative. First and foremost, cyclists must understand that bicycles are vehicles and they are treated as such in the court of law. Please take a few moments to review the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

For more information regarding a specific case, please contact one of our Fort Lauderdale bike accident lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Fort Lauderdale Bicycle News

Staying up-to-date on all things Fort Lauderdale cycling is important to stay safe and informed. As the cycling community in Fort Lauderdale continues to expand, we hope to see a vast reduction in the number of bike accidents throughout the city. Be sure to check the cycling news section regularly for accident updates, new cycling information, and much, much more!

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