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Welcome, Deerfield Beach cyclists! Thank you for joining us over at Bill Bone Bike Law where we work hard to raise awareness about bicycle safety as we unite the South Florida cycling community. Deerfield Beach cyclists are often struggling to find a place where they can learn, share, and discuss their effort in finding safe places to ride throughout the area.

As a whole, Deerfield Beach has truly led the South Florida cycling community in their pursuit of building “Complete Streets”. These streets are designated as streets for everyone from pedestrians to cyclists to public transportation to motorists. Please use this Deerfield Beach cycling resource center for direct access to the following information:

Deerfield Beach Bike Lane Locator
Deerfield Beach Routes & Parks
Deerfield Beach Bicycle Laws
Deerfield Beach Bicycle News

Finding a safe place to ride is a challenge for many Deerfield Beach cyclists. From children looking for a fun place ride to avid cyclists training, it can be difficult to determine where the best areas to cycle are located. We feel strongly that an educated rider is a safe rider. Therefore, our goal is to spread bicycle safety awareness throughout Deerfield Beach to further educate both cyclists and motorists. Our hope is that these actions will begin to trigger a reduction in the number of bicycle crashes occurring each year. Please browse each section below to learn more about cycling in Deerfield Beach.

As always, the staff at Bill Bone Bike Law is available for questions, concerns, and any inquiries regarding bicycle laws, bike safety, and cycling in general. A Deerfield Beach bike accident lawyer is prepared to answer your questions right away. Give us a call at 800-300-4074 or simply complete a contact form.

Deerfield Beach Bike Lane Locator

As the Complete Streets implementation continues, residents of Deerfield Beach will notice a vast improvement to the number of bike lanes located throughout the city. Unfortunately, there are still many, many streets that lack a bike lane for cyclists to safely travel along. As we work to raise awareness and create more bike lanes for riders, it is important that cyclists understand their duty on the road. In the event of a crash, a bicycle is treated as vehicle and therefore cyclists must adhere to traffic laws at all times.

Below you will find a map of Deerfield Beach’s bike lanes as distinguished by the markings. Please take a moment to review the exact locations of these bike lanes in order to plan your next cycling outing safely and effectively.

Do you know of additional bike lanes that are not marked above? We would love to hear from you! Please send any additional information by completing this form. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries while riding in a bike lane, one of our Deerfield Beach bike accident attorneys are available to discuss your legal options right away.

Deerfield Beach Routes & Parks

Sharing cycling routes is a common activity for many Deerfield Beach riders. When a new, challenging route is discovered it is typical to spread the word. From riding along the beach to navigating the local streets, having a solid idea of the mileage, present bike lanes, and overall traffic is important for safety. In addition to riding along new routes on the streets, many cyclists choose to diversify their rides in public parks. Cycling in a local park is a wonderful way to meet new friends and cyclists in the Deerfield Beach area.

Below we describe some of Deerfield Beach’s best bike routes throughout the city, helpful group ride information, and resource center for parks with areas to ride your bike. Please visit Florida Bicycle Association’s page on path and trail safety here.

Deerfield Beach Popular Bike Routes

As more and more bike lanes continue to be added to the streets of Deerfield Beach, the number of available cycling routes grows tremendously. Below we have put together a list of some of the more common bicycle routes utilized today. However, we are working to keep building this list, so please feel free to let us know about the bike routes that you personally enjoy in Deerfield Beach. Here are a few places that will help you to define a bike route that works for you:

Interested in some of the most popular routes in Deerfield Beach? Take a look at for more information.

Want to create your own route safely? Check out for a great tool.

Deerfield Beach Group Ride Information

Cycling with a group is a safe, enjoyable way to meet new cyclists, improve cycling times and efficiency, and truly thrive in the spirit of a team setting. There are a number of cycling groups and teams in Deerfield Beach, so please help us add to our list. The following are great resources for group ride information:

Bicycle Generation

Camp Cove

CSP Express

Road Cyclists Bike Club of South Florida

Be sure to inquire about the specific mileage and speed of these rides, as they vary significantly based upon age and cycling experience. In addition, for safety tips about group rides, please take a look at the information provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

Deerfield Beach Public Parks

Deerfield Beach cyclists who like to change up their rides often look to public parks to take a break from Deerfield Beach bike lanes and city routes. Riding in a public park is also a great opportunity to let the family join in on the cycling fun. Here are some of the most popular parks with areas to cycle in Deerfield Beach:

Constitution Park

Pioneer Park

Quiet Waters Park (Bike America)

Westside Park

Deerfield Beach Bicycle Laws

Understanding the rules and regulations cycling in Deerfield Beach is important for both cyclists and motorists. First and foremost, cyclists must understand that bicycles are vehicles and they are treated as such in the court of law. Please take a few moments to review the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

For more information regarding a specific case, please contact one of our Deerfield Beach bike accident lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Deerfield Beach Bicycle News

As the addition of Complete Streets continues to move throughout Deerfield Beach, it is important for cyclists to be aware of any changes and improvements. As we work to give a voice to cyclists all across South Florida, we hope to eventually see the bicycle accident rate decline significantly. Please check the Deerfield Beach Cycling News section frequently to stay up-to-date on new cycling information, accident reports, and much, much more!