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Boca Raton Map

Welcome to the go-to resource for all Boca Raton cyclists! Bill Bone Bike Law was created to provide legal representation to those traveling on two wheels. Even more than that, however, the firm exists to raise awareness about bike safety in an effort to improve the cycling community in Boca Raton. As longtime cycling advocates and trial lawyers, the staff of Bill Bone Bike Law works diligently in their effort to make Boca Raton a safer place to ride.

Most cyclists would agree that without proper planning, getting on a bike for a ride can be incredibly dangerous. From determining routes where bike lanes are always present to finding parks and scenic paths to ride on, cyclists typically do their homework prior to strapping on a helmet. In order to makes this research as convenient as possible, Bill Bone Bike Law has created this resource center for all Boca Raton cyclists. Please be sure to regularly check this page for continual updates on these important Boca Raton cycling factors:

Boca Raton Bike Lane Locator
Boca Raton Routes & Parks
Boca Raton Bicycle Laws
Boca Raton Bicycle News

From distracted drivers to aggressive motorists, cyclists in Boca Raton are forced to ride defensively at all times. Sadly, even the most attentive and defensive cyclist is at risk against those Boca Raton drivers who fail to give cyclists their due respect on the roads. As we continue to work to raise cycling safety awareness, the hope is that greater legal protection will come to those traveling on two wheels. At Bill Bone Bike Law, we believe that an informed cyclist is a safe cyclist and hope that this resource center will serve as a way to reduce the number of bike accidents occurring each year.

From bicycle legal questions to general cycling inquiries, Bill Bone Bike Law is always available to our Boca Raton riders. In fact, a Boca Raton bike accident lawyer is available at this very moment to speak to you and answer any of your questions. Simply call us at 800-300-4074 or complete a contact form to speak with one of our lawyers right away.

Boca Raton Bike Lane Locator

Boca Raton cyclists are given the same rights and responsibilities as their motor vehicle counterparts. As a result, cyclists are expected to stay within the bike lanes at all times. A large portion of Bill Bone Bike Law’s advocacy program focuses on improving the state of and number of bike lanes throughout the area. The city of Boca Raton has also shown their commitment to the cycling community by continually promoting cycling as a safe, viable transportation option. Together, we hope to deliver greater awareness to bike safety in pursuit of bike lane additions throughout Boca Raton.

Take a look at the map below for an overview of Boca Raton’s bike lanes. The bike lanes are indicated by the markings. Please take a moment to review the exact locations of these bike lanes in order to plan your next cycling outing safely and effectively.

Do you know of additional bike lanes that are not marked above? We would love to hear from you! Please send any additional information by completing this form. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries while riding in a bike lane, one of our Boca Raton bike accident attorneys are available to discuss your legal options right away.

Boca Raton Routes & Parks

Boca Raton offers a wide variety of places for cyclists to improve their skills and enjoy the sport that they love. Jumping on a bicycle and strapping on a helmet is one of the most convenient, pleasant ways to explore the city. Unfortunately, Boca Raton cyclists often struggle to find a safe place to ride without worrying about traffic, inattentive drivers, and a lack of space for riders. The City of Boca Raton’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Program was established many years ago to improve awareness, build more facilities, and enhance the overall experience for local cyclists. Through this program and a variety of additional initiatives, Boca Raton riders are able to join group rides, meet new friends, and raise more awareness about bicycle safety.

Below we have provided an overview of the most popular bike routes, a large selection of group ride options, and a resource center for many of the nearby local parks equipped for bike riding. Please visit Florida Bicycle Association’s page on path and trail safety here.

As the City of Boca Raton works to improve the safety for all cyclists, they focus on education, engineering, encouragement, and enforcement. Please take a look at the Boca Raton Bicycle Suitability Map for a number of suggested areas for riding.

Boca Raton Popular Bike Routes

Discovering new bicycle routes in Boca Raton is a big thrill for most riders. As such, Boca Raton cyclists often share their discoveries with one another as they identify routes that are challenging, fun, and safe for their fellow riders. As we continue to build our list, we would love to hear from you about the bike routes that you personally enjoy. If you do not see a route that you commonly use below, please share your itinerary. Here we list a few places that will help you to better define a bike route that works for you and your particular needs:

Interested in some of the most popular routes in Boca Raton? Take a look at Boca TMI or for more information.

Boca Raton Group Ride Information

Group rides are incredibly common throughout Boca Raton. Likeminded cyclists love an opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests as they help to push one another to beat times and break milestones. The local community of Boca Raton greatly benefits from the awareness that bicycle groups are able to raise. Boca Raton offers quite a few options for group rides, however, please feel free to add to this list if we are missing any. The following are great resources for Boca Raton group ride information:

Boca Raton Bicycle Club

Boca Urban Bike Ride

Double R Riders

Be sure to inquire about the specific mileage and speed of these rides, as they vary significantly based upon age and cycling experience. In addition, for safety tips about group rides, please take a look at the information provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

Boca Raton Public Parks

Public parks and public trails are an excellent way for Boca Raton cyclists to diversify their rides, bring the family along, and make a special event out of a day of bicycling. From challenging courses to leisurely rides, Boca Raton’s public parks provide a great opportunity for cyclists to ride in a safe place. Here are some of the most popular parks with areas to cycle in Boca Raton:

El Rio Trail

Glades Road Path

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Spanish River Park

Sugar Sand Park

Boca Raton Bicycle Laws

As a cyclist, whether recreational or competitive, having a strong grasp on the rules and regulations of Boca Raton cycling is incredibly important. When it comes to the court of law, a bicycle is treated as a vehicle. Please take a few moments to review the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide provided by the Florida Bicycle Association.

For more information regarding a specific case, please contact one of our Boca Raton bike accident lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Boca Raton Bicycle News

As the City of Boca Raton continues to work to improve the overall state of cycling in the area, we work hard to report on any developments. As more and more cyclists in Boca Raton join together in an effort to raise awareness about bicycle safety, we hope to see not only a reduction in the number of bike accidents in the city, but also a vast improvement to bike lanes throughout Boca.

Bill Bone Bike Law strongly believes that an educated cyclist is a safe cyclist and we work hard to keep our riders informed at all times. Please take some time to review the section below and check back regularly for all of the most recent cycling news, accident updates, and much, much more!