Juan Orellana Bill Bone Bike Law

Bill Bone Bike Law is pleased to announce that Juan Orellana has joined its team of bike law professionals as Senior Bike Accident Investigator.  He officially assumed this new role in July 2019.

Juan has been a welcome fixture in the local cycling scene for decades, working tirelessly as a passionate advocate for cycling and making the streets safer for those who love to ride.  If you cycle, there’s a good chance you already know him or have heard about him.   

He’s currently the General Manager of SkyBike WPB—the public bike sharing system with rental stations located throughout Downtown West Palm Beach. 

Bill Bone Bike Law and its clients are well served by Juan’s experience.  He possesses unparalleled local cycling knowledge and passion that will undoubtedly help the firm better serve its clients and the community. 

Juan’s mission in life is to help cyclists “to just keep pedaling.”  He has been a lover of bicycles and an avid cyclist since childhood.  He’s passionate about cycling and embraces it in all its forms.  In addition to commuting by bike, he road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and participates in bike camping.  Juan proudly refuses to buy a car; he says commuting by bike allows him to relate from personal experience and perspective with each individual bike accident. 

Juan’s entire life has been dedicated to cycling.  Prior to joining SkyBike in 2015, he owned and operated a local bike shop named Velo’s Cyclery.  In addition, he’s a founding member of Connect WPB; its mission is to increase support for more walkable neighborhoods, bikeable streets, and quality public places.  He helped organize the Bike Valet Downtown WPB, which is a free service that stores shoppers’ bikes in a secure enclosure while they shop.  And he has ridden or served as SAG for most major organized rides in South Florida including the MS 150 Miami, Loop for Literacy, Ride for Orphans, Delray Fondo, The Donut Ride, Tour de Broward, and many others.  Finally, when he’s not participating in a ride, he’s helping to organize them.  Rosemary FIT, Christmas Bike Ride, and The Knife Ride are just a couple of the many rides he’s helped organized. 

Juan dreams of cycling across America.  He promises that “one day I will just get on my bike and pedal.”

Juan can be reached at 561-832-9462.