Top 12 Reasons to Start Cycling

The Sunshine State riders have been tickled pink over the weather the last couple of days in South Florida. While the majority of the country looks for their winter gear come mid-October, the cyclists in South Florida smile and rejoice in the reason they live here: the gorgeous weather. Ask any cyclist why they love riding and you’ll probably get a response similar to, “because it’s the best thing ever”. While we totally agree, this lacks the descriptive nature that would encourage a non-cyclist to give a shot at two wheels. At Bill Bone Bike Law, we love nothing more than inspiring rookie riders to become avid cyclists. The joys inherent in the sport of cycling go without saying for those familiar, but those who need a push may want to tune in.

There are a multitude of reasons that people choose to hop on a bike and give it a go. In South Florida, mid-October weather is often that slight push that recreational riders need to dust off their bike. The following are some of the best reasons to start cycling:

  1. Pure freedom and independence
  2. A healthy and fit lifestyle
  3. Opportunity to enjoy the nice weather outside
  4. Easier on your body, so supports sport longevity
  5. The popularity of the sport is growing at rapid rates
  6. It’s something that can be done at any age
  7. A green mode of transportation
  8. Helps you to connect with nature
  9. Increased flexibility and strength
  10. Serves as a stress reducer
  11. Great way to see your local surroundings from a different view
  12. One of the most enjoyable ways to get exercise

Cycling certainly isn’t for everyone, but with a little push, you’d be surprised to find how many people the sport suits. From young children all the way to seniors, getting on a bicycle and going for a ride is amongst the most universal activities for all walks of life all across the globe. What are the reasons you love cycling? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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Bill Bone is passionate about cycling as a sport and hobby. He is the title sponsor of the Bill Bone Pro-AM, the Bill Bone 5K, and a number of other cycling events. He has combined his skills as a personal injury lawyer with the desire to help cyclists get the legal help they deserve in South Florida.

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