Bill Bone Bike Law Funds Four Mini Grants for FL Cycling

Advocacy programs and awareness campaigns are often failures without the support of the community. When it comes to the cycling community in particular, sponsorship is essential to the increasing awareness, supporting safety efforts, and growing education regarding bike related issues. In March of 2013, Bill Bone Bike Law joined Bike Florida and Share the Road as a Mini Grant Sponsor. Since that time, Bill Bone Bike Law has been able to contribute to purpose of the missions of both Bike Florida and the Florida Bicycle Association, help to market the Share the Road campaign, and play an important role in boosting awareness and general support of cycling in the community.

Mini Grants are critical to the success of Bike Florida’s initiatives. Funds from these grants help to promote safe cycling, raise awareness about cycling, and encourage people to understand the proper and legal way for motorists and cyclists to share the road. In addition, these funds are used to purchase important equipment, construction projects, and different types of bike repair services. Organizations like Bill Bone Bike Law, as well as money that comes from selling Share the Road License Plates, are the reason that cycling safety in Florida continues to improve.

Due to the generous contributions from Bill Bone Bike Law, the following received Mini Grants:

  1. Lee County Schools to support the repair and maintenance of Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program bicycles
  2. East Central Florida Regional Planning Agency for the development of educational videos
  3. Hernando County Schools to fund teacher training for the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program
  4. Downtown South, Orlando for their Pedalpalooza event, including a helmet fit, safety fair, and Cycling Savvy led community bikes rides

Bill Bone Bike Law strongly believes that with an increase of awareness and education, cycling can be made much safer throughout the state of Florida. Cyclists need a voice in the community and Bill Bone Bike Law has and always will be a proud advocate for those on two wheels.

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About the Author:

Bill Bone is passionate about cycling as a sport and hobby. He is the title sponsor of the Bill Bone Pro-AM, the Bill Bone 5K, and a number of other cycling events. He has combined his skills as a personal injury lawyer with the desire to help cyclists get the legal help they deserve in South Florida.

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