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Bill Bone is passionate about cycling as a sport and hobby. He is the title sponsor of the Bill Bone Pro-AM, the Bill Bone 5K, and a number of other cycling events. He has combined his skills as a personal injury lawyer with the desire to help cyclists get the legal help they deserve in South Florida.

West Palm Beach Unveils New Bicycle Sharing Program

Bike sharing finally comes to West Palm Beach.  The official unveiling is scheduled to take place at 9:30 a.m. on March 4, 2015.  The program will reportedly begin with 14 bike share stations throughout the downtown area, offering up to 150 bikes available for public use.  Annual membership in the program is anticipated at $120 to $155.  Alternatively, monthly membership [...]

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Florida Cycling’s Terrifying Future

For a cyclist in Florida, the words “terrifying future” in relation to the sport of cycling is haunting, and puzzling. From what we’ve all been reading, Florida is making tremendous strides in regard to cycling safety all throughout the Sunshine State. Just last year, Florida circulated a newfound plan of action to increase safety and reduce the accident rate for [...]

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Bill Bone Bike Law Funds Four Mini Grants for FL Cycling

Advocacy programs and awareness campaigns are often failures without the support of the community. When it comes to the cycling community in particular, sponsorship is essential to the increasing awareness, supporting safety efforts, and growing education regarding bike related issues. In March of 2013, Bill Bone Bike Law joined Bike Florida and Share the Road as a Mini Grant Sponsor. [...]

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Top 12 Reasons to Start Cycling

The Sunshine State riders have been tickled pink over the weather the last couple of days in South Florida. While the majority of the country looks for their winter gear come mid-October, the cyclists in South Florida smile and rejoice in the reason they live here: the gorgeous weather. Ask any cyclist why they love riding and you’ll probably get [...]

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Best Tips for Cycling in the Rain

Rainy season, otherwise referred to as the wet season, runs from June to September in the majority of the north and central parts of Florida. However, any true Floridian knows that it rains all year long. As a cyclist in Florida, getting your rides in on a rainy day is commonplace. While it may not be ideal, the concept of [...]

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Bill Bone Takes Action to Make Florida Roads Safer for Cyclists!

Bill Bone Bike Law strives to make the roads a safer place for cyclists to ride each and every day. Recently, we discovered that a road construction site was causing serious problems for cyclists. As shown in the image below, the uneven and potholed road was a safety hazard for cyclists traveling in the area. As such, we investigated and [...]

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Colombian Women’s Cycling Team Responds to Uniform Frenzy

If you’ve paid attention to any cycling news recently, it was hard to miss the social media response to the Colombian cycling kit. Worn during a race in Italy where the elite women’s Colombian team competed in Giro della Toscana last weekend, the “nude” uniforms had people from all walks of life giving their opinions. Contrary to some reports, the [...]

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Top 10 Stretching Tips for Cyclists

Stretching and cycling are the best of pals, or at least they should be. Cyclists are too quick to neglect their before and after ride stretches and while this undoubtedly can lead to injuries, it also limits the level of cycling performance. Cyclists who stretch regularly and correctly are more flexible. Flexible cyclists ride faster and with much lower levels [...]

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Dangers of Using Aerobars on Group Rides

Aerobars can be a cyclist’s best friend when used correctly. They allow for a fast and smooth ride that match perfectly with a triathlon or time trial. Unfortunately, riders often insist on using aerobars during group rides, despite of the mounds of evidence proving the dangers involved in doing so. While there is no “cycling law” against the use of [...]

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12 Fun Facts About Cycling

Summer is often a time when Florida cyclists get serious. With more sunlight, more free time, and a calendar full of races to prepare for, it’s easy for cyclists to get lost in the training hustle. Training is something that requires immense amounts of dedication, focus, and patience. All riders can agree that while some of life’s greatest joys come [...]

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